If you drive a car on a regular basis chances are good you will eventually be pulled over for a traffic violation. Hampton Roads is a world renowned tourist destination and often drivers are in a rush to get to a week at the beach or to get home. Hampton Roads is also home to several military installations which brings people from around the world who are unfamiliar with the area. These servicemen and servicewomen often struggle with navigating the busy traffic of Hampton Roads and the daily changes in the time it takes to get from place to place. The stress and unpredictable nature often lead to drivers being charged with Reckless Driving for speeding. Often I have clients tell me that they were just keeping up with the traffic who feel that they have been unfairly target.

At Rasberry Law, P.C., attorney Jamison Rasberry strives to understand the background of the individuals and the surrounding circumstances of the alleged violation. Starting with this as a base has been profoundly beneficial in advocating for his client's with the Judges of our Courts.


It's NOT a Traffic Ticket It's a Crime - YOU CAN GO TO JAIL

In Virginia Reckless Driving is not just speeding ticket but a class 1 misdemeanor. This is the most serious class of criminal offenses still considered a misdemeanor and is the same level as DUI. Judges regularly order active jail time as a penalty or suspend an active sentence conditioned upon uniform good behavior. The maximum penalty for a Reckless Driving is 12 months in jail and a $2,500.00 fine. The Court also has the power to suspend your right to drive in Virginia. There are several varieties of Reckless Driving under Virginia law. The most common of these is speeding in excess of 20 Mph of the posted speed limit but you can also be charged for passing a school bus, not maintaining proper control of your car, and many other variations.


Have you or a loved one been charged with Reckless Driving? Chances are that without an attorney you will be convicted and face the penalties described above. You also face higher insurance rates and denial of employment based on a misdemeanor driving record.

Mr. Rasberry can provide you with the facts you need to access your current situation and help you to position yourself for the best possible result. If an acquittal is possible, he will fight for one and, in cases where that is not a possibility, he will help minimize your penalties.