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When you are up against a difficult legal problem, the stakes are high. You deserve an attorney who is ready to go to battle for you - and you should insist on nothing less. At Rasberry Law, P.C., in Virginia Beach, lead attorney Jamison Rasberry has years of experience sticking up for clients in criminal defense, personal injury and family law matters throughout the Hampton Roads area.

Mr. Rasberry comes prepared, and he plays to win. Before trial, this means discussing your options with you so you understand our strategy in court, it means using thoughtful, compelling arguments to get you the best result. Throughout the whole process, it means putting you in the best possible position to move forward.

"Mr. Rasberry is not the kind of attorney who takes your money and makes you feel like you're just one of his many clients. He will truly fight for your case." --A former client

A Lawyer Who Is Here To Help

Many of Mr. Rasberry's clients have had disappointing experiences with other lawyers. They are pleasantly surprised when they discover how accessible and communicative he is. Mr. Rasberry believes you should have a say in your own case, and he makes it a priority to keep you informed.

Mr. Rasberry is available to our clients 24/7, and frequentlys meet with them at home, the hospital or in jail. He cannot promise a specific result in your case, but he does promise he will devote his full attention and resources to getting you the best possible outcome.

His role is to provide aggressive legal counsel helping you turn the tide in your defense case. When you know your attorney cares and is listening to you, we can work together to forward your cause. Call now to learn how we can put our talents to work together.

Get The Vigorous Defense You Deserve

In years of defending the accused, Mr. Rasberry has seen firsthand how overwhelming criminal charges can be. He makes sure our clients know that they are not in it alone. He has used his years of experience to secure many acquittals, dismissals and reduced penalties.

Everyone is entitled to an aggressive defense, no matter what charges they are facing. Mr. Rasberry has devoted his practice to standing with clients in difficult times and helping them return to their everyday lives.

Learn more about how Mr. Rasberry can help you protect your rights, resolve your case and move forward. Please send an email or call 757-301-1821. Your first consultation is always free, and the firm accepts credit card payments. During our first meeting, Mr. Rasberry will review your case, answer your questions and help you decide how to proceed.


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